Instance Confinement

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I almost forgot that I have this story in my to-be-blogged list. I was assigned to perform performance tuning on a system in my previous project. I found a concurrency bottleneck and rearrange the synchronization pattern to gain noticeably throughput. I later had a chance to read about the Instance Confinement technique which could be applied with the case. The technique uses the normal object encapsulation to make the code easier to understand in term of concurrent access aspect.

What I want to tell my junior colleague

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I gave a talk in the internal un-conference in my organization. The original title is “What I want to tell my junior developers” since I aimed to talk mostly about technical things. It turned out that the top ranks of my topics were about non-technical stuff but I didn’t get a chance to change it when I gave the talk that day. The topics are about some of my observations and perspectives toward things that I want to share with my junior staff. Here is the content of topics I have presented in the session.

Should it know that information

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A couple sprints ago I did a small refactoring on a piece of code. The code is short but able to clearly express the concept of distributing knowledge between objects

Cut it out and run

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One of the big gaps between seasoned developers and the less experienced ones is the troubleshooting skill. Unlike any other knowledge, this kind of skill is difficult to teach and learn. Developers invest tons of hours to develop his or her own techniques in gathering information and seeing through details to find the root cause of the problem. Sometimes the problem is new or you don’t have enough knowledge in the tool or system that you are working on. This may lead to the dead end that you have run out of all the ideas. I have one simple technique I often use when I cannot think of anything else I can do.

Spring WebApplicationContextUtils

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Last week I tried to find a way to access a spring bean from ServletContextListener. There are some interesting details that I want to log in here for later reference.

My photography hobby and acquiring new skill

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It has been 3 years since I started my photography hobby. I had never thought I would have interest in artistic hobby. I have put quite a lot of effort in learning it. There are some aspects of my self-practicing in photography that can be related to acquiring new skill of other kind. Let me tell you some points I have noticed from my learning that could help you in developing your new skill.

Agile Tour Bangkok 2012

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The Agile Tour Bangkok 2012 initiated by the Agile66 community could be count as the biggest public agile event (that I know of) ever held in Thailand.

Simple little tools in JDK

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Software development needs more than just coding. There are a lot of things to do to move software functionality from running on developers’ laptop to going live on production. Developers need more skills other than coding to make their life less miserable through the whole software life cycle. One of the critical skills is about troubleshooting. This post I will talk about some little tool in JDK that has been helping me saving a lot of problem investigation time.